Friday, October 17, 2008

Pixel Pipe Coolness


Pixel Pipe is an application that allows you to use a single source to push images out to the many different sources (including email accounts) that you might want to send an image to.

With one click you can fire off an image from your mobile phone and simultaneously post it to TwitPic, your Blog, save a copy in you Picasa account, email it to a few friends, and upload it to Facebook.

This is a photo that I uploaded with the service with it linked to this blog. The image was also sent to several other accounts of mine at the same time (I turned off TwitPic and Twitter to avoid spamming this out to my tweeps while testing it).

Finally, it gives you an email address that you can use to send messages (or you can upload things via the web client). They are also working on an API that they will be making public in the near future.

Oh, and its free. =)

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