Thursday, February 21, 2008

How a MOSS guy packs

So how would a MOSS guy pack...

A MOSS guy would leverage existing technologies from the largest moving company in the world. All boxes used would be called MoveParts and people in the office would be free to load these MoveParts however they wish. There would be no need to assign a destination or room number to these MoveParts as they should remain generic enough that they could be put into any office that needed them. However it would be necessary to include an inventory of the contents, strong type name of the box, version number of the box, and public unique identifier of this box.

Loading of MoveParts would be done in the dark. The use of a flash light can be utilized but only after a requisition process has been followed to 'attach' to the flash light in order to view the individual contents of each box. Certain sub compartments of the box would prohibit the use of objects like Comments (on Post Its), smaller boxes, pictures, custom artwork and Camera objects.

These MoveParts would then be stored in a central clone factory which had the amazing ability to duplicate the contents of each MovePart repeatedly, as often as was required. So instead of Frank asking to borrow his co-workers pen/paper/toothbrush, he would simply order a copy the box and use his own version.

The ability to test your MovePart to ensure it performed the way you intended it would also be possible but unlike 'normal' move processes this would take twice as long and give you grey hair as a side effect. This is an acceptable 'feature', due to the complexity of this move process, and should never be questioned (under threat of pain).

The factory where these MoveParts were stored would have exceptional security that was evaluated regularly. Although temperamental, the security system used is one of the best in the industry. To prevent the introduction of lazy security guards (hired on as additional security was needed) the factory, being a clone factor after all, has taken to the practice of cloning the very best security guards it has on its payroll. One of these clones would be assigned to watch over any duplicate box that was created. Thus insuring that the contents of these boxes were not sold on the open market to buy black market kittens for use in any sort of juggling.

So in a nutshell (fully scalable) that is how a MOSS guy packs. :)

"Good Lord - I've heard about this - cat juggling! Stop! Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Good. Father, could there be a God that would let this happen?" -Steve Martin, The Jerk